Opportunity Fair

The NWMUN-Seattle Opportunity Fair is a short event where admissions officers from various graduate schools, as well as hiring managers for organizations focused on international affairs that offer jobs and internships, will come and provide information to our delegates. The vast majority of NWMUN-Seattle's participants are planning to attend graduate schools or work in positions that have an international focus or component to their work, and as a result, it's a great opportunity for the exhibitors as well.

The Opportunity Fair will be in the Ballroom Foyer on the Lower Level on Saturday, November 21.

Confirmed Exhibitors

API Study Abroad

IES Abroad

Middlebury Institute of International Studies

New York University Center for Global Affairs

Northwest University

Peace Corps

Portland State University Office of Graduate Studies

The Princeton Review

Seattle University School of Law

US Fund for UNICEF

Willamette University Early Career MBA

Interested In Reserving A Table?

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Are you a returning exhibitor?

We offer two types of discounts, and exhibitors can get both discounts if they are eligible.

We offer a discount for exhibitors who also register for the NWMUN-Portland Opportunity Fair.

We also offer discounts for exhibitors at NWMUN-Seattle who also purchase advertisements in our conference program.

Please contact our Assistant Secretary-General for Logistics, Doug Siegel, at asgl.seattle@nwmun.org for discounted payment information.